Wednesday, March 12, 2008

lusting in L.A.

For anyone who knows me well, I have a very passionate love for the city of Los Angeles. I am here right now, in the county in the San Gabriel Valley. But alas, poor my sorrow be, I shall depart tomorrow at the strike of noon.

More details of my stressful, but should have been blissful day, shall appear later. Perhaps on the morrow.

Why I am speaking like Bill Shakespeare right now, I have no idea. Sorry kids.

Anyhow, I am flying back to San Jose in the Silicon Valley tomorrow, and nothing makes me more sad. I hate to leave here, especially after only being here a day.


What makes me happy is knowing my Dad is coming to visit me on Saturday!!! And yes, we will be truckin’ down to the L.B.C. (not on a mission to find Mr. Warren G) for a few days. Can we say beach and ocean?

Anyhow, the remains of my venting regarding my day from hell will come soon. Until then, you’ll just have to wait. I’m at the the step-grandparents house, and I need to spend a little family time with them :)

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