Sunday, July 19, 2009

student loan woes

I talked with a bill collection agency on Friday that handled my student loans 2 years ago to get me out of default. Turns out, I am in default again :(
Ironically, I was planning on calling MOHELA (loan company) Friday to see what I could do to work on paying my loans back.

I am trying to get out of default so I can get another loan so I can get my RN online. It strikes me as ruthless that in today's economy we cannot ask for a hardship. We'll see. I plan on calling MOHELA tomorrow, to try and sort this all out. I want to start school soon so that I can better my life with an extended education and the title of RN behind my name.

I have been doing quite well with my finances since I have moved to Nome. I am saving quite a bit of money, and I managed to buy my plane ticket home and not flinch too much at the cost. ($909!) Ok so I flinched, but I am glad it's officially official that I am leaving for St. Louis on August 24th! Only a few weeks away!

And a week from today, I will be on a plane to Anchorage to work for 2 weeks at ANMC and learn labor and delivery. I am excited for the chance and happy to learn the art of bringing babies into this world. I get to stay at the Spring Hill Suites (my favorite hotel ever) and have 2 weeks of gorgeous sleep on their awesome mattresses. I have had to stay there before coming to and from Nome, and I have to say, Marriott hotels take the cake in comfort.

Not to mention I am going to rake up quite a bit of Alaska Air miles for the trip. I earn miles for the flight, the hotel stay, and the rental car! Woot! Plus I earned a lot of them for purchasing my ticket to go home next month. So hopefully, I should have an adequate amount of miles to get a free round trip home for my next trip, or God forbid, an emergency. Having less to worry about is good.

All right. Well, gotta go and get ready for my day, and spend it wisely as I have to take a nap later to work the night shift.

God Bless your day.

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