Sunday, July 12, 2009

rot gut

I have been suffering from a stomach malady for the passed week and a half. I have had the typical symptoms of things coming out both ends and also tacked on the inability to eat. I finally had to go to the clinic on Thursday and get treated. I got an IV put in and they gave me a liter and a half of fluids. Not fun.

I am feeling slightly better. I was so proud of myself yesterday that I was able to eat solid foods. Amazing the things you are proud of after you are sick for that long. I never thought eating solid foods would be on a priority list of things to do....

I am a little queasy today, but I will definitely make it I think I will make it through the day.

I am happy to announce to all of my family and friends in the St. Louis area that I will be coming home for 2 weeks at the end of August, 1st week of September. I think I may have posted this in the previous entry, but there is no harm in repeating myself :)

I will be leaving 2 weeks from today to go to Anchorage for 2 weeks and train at Alaska Native Medical Center to learn the art of labor and delivery. I'm pretty happy to go, as I love to learn new things, and I will be able to see some of my friends who live there. In addition, I will finally be able to go shopping for some furniture for my apartment! I am desperately in need of a real bed as I have been sleeping on an air mattress for the passed 2.5 months. It got old about 2 weeks after I got back in April...

Well, I must go, things to do.

Hope all is well with every single one of you, and may the Lord smile on you through your day.

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