Wednesday, April 15, 2009

work almost done...

Yay! 13 boxes total in the mail! One is a little care package I sent to my boyfriend Brian, as I have a hard time holding onto presents and can't wait to give them to the people I bought them for. The total cost of shipping $214.30, including $100 of insurance and delivery confirmation. I am very happy about this, as I still have a few more boxes to go. I thought the cost to ship all those items was going to be ALOT more than that, so like I said, I am pleased...

Last night I sucked the air out of 3 Space Saver bags full of clothes, and one Space Saver storage box (a new item on the market) full of towels and blankets. The last to go with me will just be in my luggage. I am grateful to my mother for not making me move every single possession of mine up there. That has made all of this a little easier, since I was misunderstood in thinking that was what I had to do when I got back here last week.

Tomorrow, I will be headed to St. Louis for a few days of family and friend crunch time before I head back here to Memphis and finish up some last minute details before I fly back to Alaska. Hopefully I will be able to get a hold of my boss today and find out if they have made flight arrangements for me yet.

I am still a little paranoid about the slim to none possibility that I am not going back. Not to long ago before I cam home, a rumor was going around that there was someone/persons attempting to petition that I don't get the permanent job in the hospital. Of course it is silly, but in a small town, the way that rumors fly, you somehow have to be a little more aware of things just in case any of the rumors hold any water. That situation has been laid to rest, (I'm pretty sure) but it has left me paranoid about my coworkers, and I am at a point where I feel I have to start all over again for any of them to gain my trust. This is a hard situation to be in, as I am a very trusting person. The culprit to this particular rumor has been narrowed down to one person in question, of whom I had absolutely no trust in whatsoever before I even heard that ridiculous rumor.

Also ahead of me today: I must get in contact with my doctor here in Memphis, as I would like to be seen for these constant leg cramps/pains I have been having in my right calf for the passed 2 months or so. Of course, the nurse in me is being a hypochondriac and my worst fear is a blood clot, and knowing I have a long 18 hours of flying ahead of me back to AK, and that contributes to some ridiculous 'phenomenon' of developing clots on long flights. That's the last thing I need, and like I said, nurses can be the worst hypochondriacs, thinking the worst.

I have to get to the pharmacy and pick up some prescriptions, and head back home to finish up with some last minute cleaning before I head out to St. Louis in the morning. I just hope I can get an early start, since I will be going to BUNCO again tonight...and there will be drinking...I just have to make sure I cool it and don't drink too much like I did last week! BUNCO sure is fun, and I am sad to leave my BUNCO friends behind here in Memphis, but hope to start a BUNCO circle up in Nome after I get back.

Well, I should get off this computer and get started! Have a great and blessed day. Thanks for reading.

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