Saturday, April 11, 2009

OMFG! Will it ever end???

So I am taking a break right now since my butt is cramping from sitting on the floor of my closet sifting through memorabilia and photos. I found the ex-boyfriend memory box! How crazy is that? After a long debate with my conscience, I decided it would be best to throw all of it away. I shouldn't dwell on my crappy dating past, and even crappier ex's. I have a wonderful man right now who is all that matters. I still am baffled why us women/girls keep things like that.

Beyond me!

I posted pics on Facebook of the madness that is my room, and so far, I have wreaked havoc on my closet and plan on having that complete first so I can store the non-needed-to-be-moved-items. So far, there is TONS left to figure out what to throw away, store, pack, etc...

Hopefully by tomorrow I will have made some good headway. I am still trying to figure out the logistics of boxing things, as I want to make this as cost efficient as possible for me.

I am hoping by tomorrow I will have empty boxes lined up neatly on my bedroom floor awaiting items to be placed away for the nice long trip to Nome. ALl the while, I am also hoping I don't pack too much, for I really don't need anything more than my bathroom things, bed linens, towels, some nick-knacks and clothes.

OK! Back to the grind!

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