Friday, February 13, 2009

free entertainment lies in stupid people

So, I am staying up as late as I can since I have to work the next 2 nights midnight shift. As I do such a thing, I have a lovely view of 5th Street from my 2nd story living room/kitchen windows for which I spend time peering out when bored just to be nosey and see what's going on about my little neck of the tundra.

This evening/morning, I have witnessed 5 different motor vehicles get stuck in the snow secondary to the blizzard that is still going strong from yesterday. I even got a good view from my bedroom window of the Nome PD attempting to shove a minivan from its stuck position in front of the Rec Center.

So, "Why do you spend so much time looking out your window, Sarah?"

That's a good question. Simple. If you were snowed in from a blizzard and bored with tv and books, trying to stay awake because you have to work the next 2 midnights, you would too.

I also look out because I hate smoking on the front porch with my neighbors. I don't like any of them that I share a hallway with. The people below me smoke out on weed to where I can smell it in my apartment, and then fry up 9 lbs of bacon from the munchies making it smell worse. Now I am a bacon lover, and the smell that emits from that place makes me sick to my stomach. I severely fear that it will ruin my love for bacon. This has happened 4 times in the passed 2 weeks, and I am about to go nuts if I have to deal with it any longer.

The people who live across from them run Twin Dragon, one of 2 Chinese restaurants in town. They say hi and stuff, but then they talk in Chinese, so of course, I feel uncomfortable not knowing Chinese.

But I do have to say, I am still smiling at the idiots who chose to try and drive in the snow that got stuck. It makes me wonder what the hell was so important that they had the need to leave the house in the middle of a snow storm. Free entertainment :)

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