Thursday, February 12, 2009

the odds

The odds are not in my favor as far as staying in the travelling game. There appears to be not be any jobs for travelling in the Lower 48.

I am now starting to wonder what my options are. I was hoping to go to Maryland as soon as this assignment was over, but I am now starting to think maybe I should stay in AK for a while until the travel market picks up again.

The only issue at hand now is the fact that there are more nurses coming in, so my chances at getting a slot to stay here in Nome are not the greatest. I am hoping that because I am an LPN and cheaper, and the fact that my boss here loves me and knows I am a valuable asset...The hitch is, I can't pitch my case until my boss gets back on Tuesday.

The waiting is killing me. I am petrified that I may not be able to either stay, or have a job to go to when this assignment is over.

Hopefully I will have something to post by Tuesday that is happy....

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