Saturday, February 14, 2009

Singles' Awareness Day

For those of us, like myself, who are single this Valentine's Day, a friend of mine cleverly renamed it to the title of this post.

I worked last night, and I am now at my friend Bridgett's house, dog sitting their black lab and husky who both seem to have a raging case of gas. And for anyone who has ever smelled a dog fart, well, you know how I am suffering.

So, last year, my fellow blogging friend Steve placed the following quote on his blog:

"With sighs too deep for these pitiful words: God, let there be love enough for all who desire it."

I also posted it as part of my blog as a final footnote that appears at the bottom of my page. I am a dreadfully sad hopeless romantic, so of course the words almost sing to me.

I may only get love from 2 gassy dogs today, but that's alright. I wish all of you a little romance this Singles' Awareness Day. Maybe some will come back to me...

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