Saturday, January 31, 2009

are we there yet?

Work work work, sleep sleep sleep, sick baby, sick baby, sick baby...This has been my week.

I usually get the pediatric patients because they are a challenge. Everyone at work knows I love the babies anyways. They can't tell you where it hurts or why they don't feel good, so I get to use that good old critical thinking they taught me in nursing school oh so many years ago...

Tomorrow is Super Bowl! WOOT! Monday is Groundhog Day! 2 weeks from now is Valentine's Day (not that I have a Valentine...yet...) Lincoln's Birthday, Black History Month. February is where it's at. (please note sarcasm...)

5 weeks from now my sister is coming to visit me and I am out of my gourd in excitement!

I am off after this shift until Monday night for 2 weeks of night shift. I am going out tonight and hoping I have enough in me to hang out for the Super Bowl.

Have a good weekend and GO CARDINALS!!!

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