Tuesday, February 3, 2009

did I ever mention how much I hate psychiatry?

Patients, that is. They literally drive me crazy. They never sleep when it's bedtime and for some reason they always want coffee or juice.

I know this sounds terrible, but I am usually not nice to them. They tend to be manipulative, and I don't play that game. I don't accept attitude, and when you give it to me, I give it back tenfold with their tails between their legs. I know, again, I sound mean, but if you were a psych nurse, you would understand.

I, myself am not a psych nurse, but I am however one from time to time here at Norton Sound. There are no sick babies for me to take care of anymore, so the title of peds nurse has been temporarily relinquished.

Ok, I vented, I am good now. I am working my first night shift in forever, and I am trying to keep myself awake at the moment. I heard the coffee pot singing to me...

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