Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm a writer?

So, I have been doing this blog thing for a while. I hope I have made you laugh and have a secure sense of what I have been up to.

I had been tinkering with the idea of writing again, since I have those creative mental juices. Sometimes. Yesterday, I had an idea in my head after I got off the phone with a friend. It was a plot I had in my head for a while, and I just up and went to my computer and started word document. So far, I am at the end of the first chapter, and being held mental hostage as I am on my way soon to visit a friend here in Memphis, and I still have 200 pages of so of Breaking Dawn to read. Yes, that's right, I am already on book 4 of the Twilight series! I have accelerated my status to a bonafide nerd.

So, about the reading and writing. I will be spending more time on I hope, in order to review books and such, and find new ones of interest to read. I already have about 5 to crack into after I am finished with my current read. This gets me pretty excited. Like I said, nerd. The writing will continue later on this evening I suspect. I hope it turns into something everyone can read, and that anyone can guess that, yes, it's me writing. We'll see. Maybe one day I can use it to get out of debt. Who knows?

Welly-o, off to shower and such. Have a great weekend everyone!

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