Sunday, December 14, 2008

guess I'll never know

So, my anonymous readers have not showed themselves. Sorry to hear that.

But I have been SO busy, yet not.

I finally finished the Twilight series, complete with the 12 chapter rough draft on the internet called Midnight Sun. I actually have Stephanie Meyer's book, The Host, but I think I need a break from the supernatural right now. I have 4 other books so far that I have purchased just in the passed 2 weeks. I will save the 700 or so pages of The Host for my long plane ride back to Alaska I think.

But since then, I have completed around 5 chapters or so of my own book, that I hope to finish with in the next 45 days. No reason for the deadline, just a goal. SO far, I am really liking it. They say you should write what you know, so I have sort of gone in that direction. No worries, my friends, I have changed all your names ;)
I really am quite proud of myself. I have been having this feeling, or maybe more of an urge over the last 4 months or so to start writing again, and I am very happy, I snapped out of my apprehension and begun to do what I have been thinking about.

I still have around 2 and half more weeks left here in the lower 48, and I already terribly bored. I would go back right now if I hadn't promised my family and friends I would be here for the holidays. Which by the way, I cannot understand how anyone can not be affected by the annoying Xmas music, decor, etc. It's driving me mad. Not that I don't like Christmas, I just prefer it not get shoved down my throat in overdoses.

Any how, now that I have got my bah humbug out of the way, I still do wish everyone a safe and happy holiday. I urge every one of you to remember the meaning behind it. It's not about presents, although they are nice bonus, it's about love for family and friends. I hope I can exercises the words I just typed. Christmas means something a little different to everyone, and maybe some day I can see it ion a whole new light.

I wish you all the best, and blog to you soon!

(in the future, I will be typing- BTYS :)

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