Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas Eve

I will be spending today with my father. I am hoping to do something fun today, but most likely, any traffic would kill any of that joy.

For anyone near or far, here or there, I wish you all a happy holiday.

I know I am pretty bah humbug during the season, but maybe one day that'll change.

You wanna know my favorite part of the Christmas season?

When it's over.

Sure I really enjoy giving gifts to people. I enjoy receiving gifts. I just severely dislike being forced to do it at a certain time of year. It's way to stressful.

Being the child of divorce makes it more difficult. I really dislike having to shoot off here and there, spending too much time in my car rather than with family.

I would just rather spend it with family.

Enough of the glum. Happy Holidays everyone. Hugs from me, and see you soon, somehow or another.

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