Monday, September 15, 2008

2 more Mondays left...

My sister Jessica is in the shower, and I am going to post while I wait for my turn. She's going back to St. Louis soon, and I still need to get ready for work.

I am sad she's leaving so soon, but it was nice to see her before I leave for Alaska. We had fun this weekend. We went and saw Burn After Reading last night, HILARIOUS! Whodathunk Brad Pitt was such a funny guy? After we came home I forced her to watch Atonement with me. Not really the movie she watches, but she liked it. It made me cry, again, although she didn't. I was quite surprised since she called me right after she saw 27 Dresses sobbing uncontrollably.

Anyhow, I still haven't made a decision yet as to when my last day at the "Bird" will be. I am thinking the 1st, since that will give me a few days to rest, pack, and clean. Mom and I plan on having a garage sale on the 27th, so hopefully I can make some decent cash for my departure so I won't be bleeding broke when I get to AK like I was the last time. At least this time around I know what I am getting into as far as food prices, etc... I just read that a new store opened up in town, maybe their prices are a little lower, although I doubt it. There's always hope...

My little still shining light is that I won't have to buy gasoline for 2 months. Money saved, calories burned :)

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