Thursday, September 11, 2008

Who is my Arlington, Texas reader??

Tell me who you are! I am fascinated by the people and places that stumble upon my blog.

If I never find out who you are, thanks for reading.

And even if I don't know you, please send comments!

Again, thanks to all my readers!

Nome incites to come in 3 weeks!!!!!


beachglass girl said...


I stumbled on your blog by googling "beach glass Nome". My name is Kim and I was born in Nome, I now live in Washington, but my heart is in Nome... One of my very favorite things to do is beach comb for glass. I took my family up there two years ago and they loved it too. My son is a born fisherman. We also went to Council and stayed with friends. My Grandma was born there. My other passion while I am there is bottle digging.
I cannot wait until we visit again!
I will have to check your blog again to hear more about fabulous Nome!
Thanks Kim

Swartzie said...

Yay! I will hopefully be able to pick up a little beach glass myself when I get back.

I understand about your heart being in Nome. I was there for a year and the days are getting do long until I get back!

Thanks for reading my blog!