Wednesday, July 16, 2008

my friend Stacey's ad for a new room mate, she's funny

my roommate ad. please fwd to non d-bags
Body: About me and my place
Both my roommate and I are pretty much the raddest people ever. I love music and skating and giggles. My roommate loves to give me a hard time. We aren't home very often and have lived together for 5 months without any issues whatsoever. The apartment is huge. It's about 1400 square foot. I know! The available room is the front bedroom and is the biggest of the three. The only issue with the room is there is not closet in it. But it has a gigantic window with amazing light.

We are above blueberry hill so we are in the best apartment on the best street with the best neighbors in the best neighborhood in the entire world. And I am so serious about this. We are friends with all of the people in the surrounding apartments and with the people that work in the loop.

Parking is on street but has never ever ever been an issue for either my roommate or myself. There is only one bathroom but I get ready for work at around 7:30-8:00 mon-fri and my roommate gets ready around 6:00 mon-fri. So we will need somebody who can get ready for work at a different time than that. Wow. That's all I've got.

Oh and please don't contact me if you are boring and geeky. You won't like living here. You don't have to be a partier and I would appreciate it if you weren't but seriously. No geeks. Oh but you can be a cool geek. But not a isolated geek. I'm talking Weezer geek= ok. Star Wars geek= not ok. One more thing.

We both smoke but smoke outdoors. And no drugs. And don't lie about not having a coke problem it's totally not cool and so 1984. Get over it and don't try to move in here. I forgot to mention the rent includes utilities and we don't currently have cable/internet but will get it once we get a 3rd roommate. We just aren't ever home to utilize it. And I'm done. I think.

I get up 6am - 8am.I go to bed 10pm - 12am. I eat vegetarian. My level of cleanliness is best described as clean. I rarely have overnight guests. I party occasionally.

I live in a 2 person co-ed household. Age 21 - 30. My work schedule is best described as "professional (9-5)". My professional occupation is education/ training. Children do not live with me. I do not have any pets.

The apartment building (1-10 units) is located at u city loop. The residence features air conditioning, wood floors, carpet. Your room is unfurnished.

I am looking for
A rad person that is not geeky (see above for definition) and someone to pay their rent on time. $125 per week rent is negotiable. If you are never home I will lower the rent. Like if you are a pilot and are in other cities or in a band and always on tour I will lower the weekly rent. And if you would like a monthly rent rather than weekly let me know. Oh and if you don't want cable or internet we can lower the rent as well.

My roommate preferences
I am looking for a roommate between the ages of 23 and 35. Preferably male. I don't mind if my roommates smoke outside only. No pets.

My interests
I enjoy skating, music, golden tee, giggles. I listen to punk, rock, ska, accoustic. My favorite books are world according to garp, dogs of babel, she"s e undone, how to be good. If I am in front of a TV, I usually watch arrested development, mal in the middle. Movies I enjoy the most are petes dragon is the best movie ever made.

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