Thursday, July 17, 2008

how long have I said I've been cleaning?

I did a pretty good job yesterday, and if I keep it up I can be done in only a dew hours. I don't think any of you have a clue as to how big of a project this is. After almost 2 years of travel nursing, I would only spend about a good week in my home in Memphis, whilst spending time in St. Louis, and after all the fun break time, would shove things here, and pile things there.

I have this huge cumbersome couch in my room that does nothing except provide for me a place to throw things on. I tried to bargain with the rents to get rid of it, but Dave doesn't want to sack it. So, hopefully we can arrange my furniture this weekend to help me keep up with a more manageable aesthetic to my room.

Ok, so I'll start in a little bit, I am just waking up after playing on the computer all night to realize I didn't go to bed until 5 AM! I will be going to bed early tonight, I think.

So, I still haven't heard of any new travel assignments, and they still haven't hastened the date for me to start at Firebirds. I have no job as of yet, hence my self esteem right now is in the can as far as feeling like an adult who has her self together.

My step-dad works for a company that manages nursing homes and assisted living. For a long time now, he has been trying to help my out by getting me a job at the one closest to us in Germantown. I have been quite apprehensive of this since I have quite a few reservations about the nursing home. Here's a few.

*there is not alot of range to practice medical-surgical skills, so I am afraid I will lose alot of them
*there tends to be grade school politics in every nursing home, like who's popular or who is the teacher's pet, that kind of thing, even worse....and I am just too grown for that kind of thing
*I always have believed that as a travel nurse, my career would get killed by a stint in the NH, since again, I would be away for the meat and potatoes that is med-surg, and not have the recent 'skills' to be accepted to a regular nursing floor
*I love the type of care the nursing home provides, it's just not for me

I am having a hard time with the lack of job offers. I will tell you right now that the only positions they have posted at the agency are ones for Homeland Security, which the facility is a correctional center for illegal aliens. I REFUSE to take one of these jobs. Here's a few cons:

*it's a prison, whatever way you slice it, and I don't want to deal with people who don't speak English, as I am not mentally equipped to learn all the languages on the planet
*I don't want to deal with people who are angry with getting deported either. I am a really nice person, and I know my nice personality just won't be enough.
*I have personal issues about illegal immigration, so there fore there's automatically a conflict of interest.
*I don't do jails. No way, no how, not ever.
*The money isn't even that great, and I wouldn't be directly under the management of my travel company.
*HONORABLE MENTION* the 'lodging' they provide is an extended stay hotel. Been there, done that, it sucked ass, never a-freaking-gain.

*having Homeland Security on my resume, therefore having the open door to any federal position I want for the rest of my life.

That's the only upside I could think of, and I am not prepared to go the jail route to get it on my resume.

My other options are other nursing homes across the country, but as of right now, I have no fiances to live off of, let alone, get me to a new destination, survive for 2-3 weeks without pay, and be able to live comfy with a savings. SO here I am, feeling I have made a fatal decision by coming home to stay for the summer.

I am however going to contact my friend Janet, who is doing agency work, to see what it is like for her and consider maybe doing that for a little bit. It will suck, but at least it will keep me away from the nursing homes and get me paid until I can start work at Firebird's.

We'll see, I will keep you all updated. As of now, off to cleaning my room for a while.

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