Tuesday, July 15, 2008

one more reason my blog has it's title

So, let me just say, that I was very excited to wake up this morning. I was to call my new employer, and find out what day this week I was to report to duty. I miss waiting tables. I love the interaction with people, the food, the atmosphere. There are the ups and downs, and if you have ever seen WAITING, and never been an employee at a restaurant, that movie pretty much has it down to the T in accuracy.

So I call. Twice. The first time I was put on hold for five minutes, so I decided to hang up, walk around a bit and call back. So when I did call back and talk to the manager, he tells me some news that I thought was going to make me puke.

"We're going to have orientation on August 5th".

That's 4 weeks away.
I have $40 in my bank account.
I owe $170 to my car insurance in a week.
I am already over due on my student loans this month. (NOTE: I JUST got out of default)
I owe my dad $350 for car repairs gone bad (that's another post)
I owe my cell phone bill $100 by the end of the week.
I STILL haven't gotten back my $400 pet deposit from California.
I am living with my mom and step-dad (only supposed to be temporary, now what?)
I went out last night and bought my uniform clothing for this place that I was supposed to start this week.
I can't get a travel position closer than Pennsylvania.
For this so-called nursing shortage, I can't find a decent job in my area worth a grain of salt. Travel or otherwise.
I am actually considering going to one of my step-dad's nursing homes in the area and applying.

What am I to do now? In a million years, after being a nurse with a KILLER resume for 8 of them, I am unemployed. I am lost without any hope at this moment. (p[lease forgive the melodrama, but I am quite upset right now)

So, I called 20 minutes ago and left a sob-filled message to my recruiter, Olivia. If I do not get a response in another 40 minutes, I am going to call back repeatedly until I get a hold of her. I am officially FREAKING OUT. And for you Masses out there, be glad a computer is what separates us, for I would be crying and snotting on your shoulder right now.

So, my Masses, I really need you to all give me a comment, whether you know me or not. I would like for you all to give me your opinion on what am I to do in this situation. I need to work, I am going crazy knowing I have bills to pay, and no money to pay them. Help. Thanks in advance. I will update as soon as I find anything out.

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Steve said...

Hey, Sarah. I don't know what to do, but you are in my prayers. I know you'll keep after it until things take a better shape.