Thursday, July 3, 2008

logistical nightmare

I interviewed with the NH people, and I am pretty sure it went as well as to be expected. Only hitch is that they are unsure as of yet if there is a position to be filled, so they will call me next week when they make a decision, etc...


My life.

Anyhow, I am trying to get my room straightened up, since it is a complete mess. The way it's organized, arranged and filled with furniture pieces galore makes it hare to maintain and keep neat. Not an excuse, since it wasn't even clean when I moved in here.

This is almost my worst nightmare. I am unsure if I will be temporarily moving to New Hampshire for the summer, and I would like to (if I get the job) come home to a semi-decent room. Can you blame me?

So far, I need to do the following:

*find a place for all my clothes that I would like to keep
*find a place to put the clothes I want to give away to charity, and/or sell at a garage sale
*figure out how I would like to arrange my furniture
*pack my things for St. Louis this weekend...and next weekend
*organize my hallway closet
*figure out how to optimize the space in my bedroom closet
*try not to injure myself
*get everything I removed from my car that is downstairs, upstairs, and put away
*get rid of my step-dad's crap that never left before I piled in her over a year ago

Yeah, I need some luck and some extra help from above. Only Moses could part the Red Sea that is my bedroom...

Oh well, enough procrastination for now.

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