Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Hampshire?

Well, I got on the horn with my nursing recruiter yesterday, and she waved a position at me that actually sparked my interest.

It's in New Hampshire at a kids summer camp for 8 weeks. So, this means cleaning up owies and boo boos and making sure medicated kids stay medicated.

There would be only one nurse on site, a doctor off site, and an office all to myself I am sure.

I just woke up (THANK GOD FOR MY RECRUITER CALLING ME) from that nasty pregnancy dream to find that I am going to interview in about an hour. So I decided to blog a bit to wake myself up with some Diet Pepsi for a minute...

It sounds like a fun gig. Sounds like they might feed me. They pay is good. It's for 8-16 year old kids at a Jewish camp, but non-secular, but they serve kosher food, and have boating, hiking, outdoors games, etc...

Sounds like a good place. I remember being younger and going to Girl Scout camp and loving it every minute. Maybe summer camp is what I need?

It sounds like a good gig, as I said, and there will probably be counselors and such around my age to talk to, which was the big thing that sucked in California. I was around some really nice coworkers, but I was the youngest by far (20+ years) and it was hard fro me to make friends in the area. (minus Renei and her awesome family---I missyou guys!)

So, let's see. New Hampshire. Pro's?
1.pretty year round
2.near Atlantic Ocean
3.1 hour from Boston
4.1hour from Maine

I'll think of more as I go along. I just don't want to get my hopes up. I tend to do that.

It's kind of weird though, since I had planned on getting a job to wait tables and wait to get a travel job here in Memphis or in ST. Louis. I guess this can't be all bad if it's only 8 weeks. I hate the thought of leaving again after I have been gone for so long. I hope that wherever the wind blows me from now on I can make the best out of all of it.

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