Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Birthday America!

This is our day! Yay! And I am going to celebrate my freedom by cleaning this black hole of a bedroom! Yay! (if you can't note any sarcasm, please look a little closer!)

I just returned a little over a week ago to Missouri and Tennessee from the state of California, driving cross country through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma.

We Americans are truly blessed to live on this beautiful and unique piece of land we call home. I hope all of you that end up reading this know how awesome this country really is. I am not talking about politics here. Just the shear truth that I know for a fact that out of the 30 states I have been to so far, they all have their special thing to them and they all have their own special beauty.

There is also something to be said that Memphis is not really the prettiest city, but it's a nice place to live (if you live in the burbs like me) the people are super friendly, and if you aren't here right now to enjoy the beautiful, Crepe Myrtle trees like I am find something unique to your neck of the woods to enjoy!

Happy Fourth, and God Bless America!

Pray for our troops!

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