Thursday, June 19, 2008

What are they gonna do, kick me out?

So, I am taking a well deserved break from cleaning in prep for my dad's arrival to Cali. I have been battling a headache all day. of course this happens when I am in need of using my day to really crack down and spic and span for company.

I am sure by tomorrow it will be messy here trying to get shit packed for the road. So, they implemented a no smoking policy here in the complex, and you can't even smoke in your apartment, the parking lot, or your balcony/patio. Retarded. Well, any way, I had quit smoking straight for 3 months, hit a stress spell, and have been smoking off and on for about a month now. I am still considering myself a non smoker since I don't do it everyday. I just call it cheating on my lungs like a bad girlfriend would do to nice guy. Boo hiss on me, I know, but seriously, after some things I have been dealt lately, I should be allowed to do what I damn well please.

For instance, I don't pay utilities here. I have my AC on full blast at 64 degrees, and my sliding glass door wide open, blaring loud and offensive music, and just hoping that before the night is over some pc uppity mom in a tube top knocks on my door asking me to keep it down because she is trying to enjoy family time at the pool with her screaming 2 year old, and the music is not family friendly and such. Please! Please come over so I can tell you to shut the f*** up and put a muzzle on your kid because you are bothering my alone time and loud offensive music is the only thing that drowns out your kid's screams. And while I'm at it, I will walk outside and encourage your kid to run around the pool.

I don't care. Why? I am leaving, I can't burn any bridges, so I just as well might enjoy annoying my neighbors that have never bothered to say hi to me, introduce themselves, or bothered to speak English around me as I did my daily walks around the neighborhood as I am sure they shielded their young away from the fat crazy tattooed white lady with the iPod.....

I will say, they only 2 people who have bothered saying hello are my next door neighbor who refers to himself as "Mr. Hill", and some guy who I think is named Larry, and when I saw him the other day I tried to spark a convo with him and he snuffed me off. F*** you Larry.

But, I have made some cool friends here, and I will truly miss them.

I am out of here Monday. Yay! I am going to explore the Grand Canyon with Dad, see the great American desert in the southwest, and have a killer time in St. Louis when we finally get there. This means frequent drunken nights at the Bean House with a half a mile drive home, trips to the pool, downtown, friends' houses, the Arch, the Zoo, Forest Park, etc.... FUN BITCHES!!! Although I have had some fun in California, my good friend Beavis was right when he told me even though Cali is uberfab, there's no place like home. I agree Beavis, you were right, but I still love California, even though it was not so kind to me in the respect that I had put alot on the state to make all my dreams come true. Only time will tell if there should be a second chance given to California. I sure hope this isn't the end of the road yet...

I will miss the weather here, namely the heat with a lack of humidity. I'll miss Togo's, the best sandwich shop EVER, Pizza Chicago, a great pizzeria that would give Airport Pizza in Nome a run for their money would it not be for the fact that AP is a far superior eatery.

I will miss Safeway, Long's, The San Jose Flea market, palm trees, burrito stands, easy trips to paradise, etc. I'll think of more later...

I will however not miss snooty people, trying not to get mowed over by old ladies in Hummers, retarded gas prices, expensive groceries, ate up traffic, stop lights dictating entrance to the freeway, feeling absolutely poor by the labels shit people sport around here, seagulls shitting on my car twice a day, people asking me where I'm from, and why would I want to go there. Oh, and you're driving? Wow, you can do that? Most Californians I have discussed this with have a hard time fathoming that there is a whole country out there other that what is attached to the state, ie: Nevada (Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe) Mexico, and some even mentioning Oregon! Whoodathunkit?

Ok, now that I have vented quite a bit, I will continue cleaning.....

I still hope the lady comes to tell me to turn my music down just as Marylin Manson spits a reference to eating children... Makes me wish I had my own reality show just so I could show it to others ;)

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