Monday, June 16, 2008

Go Go Gadget Honda!

Like, OMFG! Read this ARTICLE I found on Yahoo news. The time has come where we can be free of foreign oil! It may take a few years, but I am willing to wait, and I am willing to pay the price for A) a Honda, for I truly love my current Honda, B)not having to ever buy gas again, C)this will help the American economy, despite the fact that we will be buying from Japan. But Japan is way cool, and they don't fall under the same BS political crap that the US auto industry.

Now, here's my soapbox:

You here left and right, all the time from conservative groups and union laborers that we need to BUY AMERICAN, and that it is un-American to purchase foreign products. And often times, when one consumer has been found to be a "traitor" buy purchasing a foreign product, ie: "MADE IN CHINA" (G A S P!~!~!~!~!), they are alienated by their peers. This is a subjective opinion, as my friend Jeremy is a Union commercial plumber, and he had to give up his Honda for a Pontiac to fall with in Union guidelines. Mind you, we won't even go there about how I feel about Pontiac vehicles. I will just conclude that Japanese cars are far superior.

Is it un-American that our troops and service members overseas in countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Germany, etc... to to buy foreign products? Should they be forced to boycott good German beer, or premium Iraqi hookah tobacco? I think not. This would mean that they would have to essentially have to purchase everything online, including PRODUCE? I think not.

I would like to think that purchasing products manufactured in other countries would be a leap of good faith in the American society as well as promoting foreign trade and relations. Of course, not buying oil from the Middle Eastern monopoly/cartel seems different to me since they appear to have GWB by the short and curlies and we as Americans have no say in the matter. AMEN for next January when the dictatorship ends and Obama is elected into office!

This leaves me to my feelings about China. China seems pretty cool. Thousands of years of history, beautiful land, killer food, and short people. Americans along with the rest of the world give the place a bad rap. I don't think alot of people get it when they cry over Tibet and the Dalai Lama and yadda yadda, that it's not the 1,000,000,000 people are not at fault for everything, and that the how many assholes in their government are. And I am directing this to YOU, Sharon Stone. You totally meant what you said at the Cannes Film Festival about how it was karma that caused the earthquake killing thousands of innocent hard working people. I am glad Dior pulled you from their China ad campaign. You don't deserve that money anyhow. I didn't like you before, and I couldn't put my finger on it, so thank you for ending my mental anguish, and putting that last nail in your coffin for me. Go ahead and piss all over people who enjoyed your movies in the grandest of tradgedies. You make Americans look like real heroes.

And the Olympics? PUH-LEEEEEZE. Why are they being boycotted? Some of those athletes have trained their entire lives to compete in the greatest showcase in sports. And you crazies want to boycott it because of Tibet? Boycott the damn government you liberal yuppie/hippies in Berkley! (Practically everyone I have ever met so far from Berkly has been a complete asshole in the sense that you would like to bludgeon them in the face for the retarded politics they like to pull. And for the ones that aren't like that, I really am sorry, for I would like to me a civilized person from Berkley, CA one day.) Did anyone have a chance to watch the NEWS about the freaks who snuck the Olympics boycott banner on the Golden Gate Bridge? I just wish people would scratch the surface a little bit.

I am literally out of breath from typing. This shall resume later I think...


Carolyn said...

blog hopping brought me here, yr blog looks great..Im from malaysia
hope to come back here :-)

Swartzie said...

Thanks for stopping by! keep coming back!

Carolyn said...

Hi sarah
thanks for coming over to my blog :-)
I've always wish to visit Cali one day. My hubby went there last year for business and working trip. Spent a day in LA then to San Diego for about a week. He told me a wonderful sight LA is from the airplane. Would love to visit other states which I heard beautiful sceneries around ;-)
Is it already summer there? Saw your 'About me' you will be travelling right, well cya again