Friday, June 20, 2008

WARNING!!!! POLITICAL CONTENT! Read at you own risk!

Ok, so I am at my last shift in the Blind Center. A little bittersweet, but not so much. I picked Dad up at the airport, of course it was late, and I was late for work. First thing I did was do rounds and make sure everyone was accounted for. Twas the night before Sarahmas. (like Xmas, but Sarah's last f****g shift)

Anyways, I feel it necessary to go ahead and blog a bit since I will have nothing better to do for the next 2 hours when I have to give someone meds and another set of rounds. Yay. Now you know why I am itching to leave. I have concluded scientifically that someone with ADD, such as myself, can only perish in a work environment like this, as I cannot sit still, and I hate not having anything to do. Hence this is why I got reprimanded for having the federal government pay me to real novels and blog. Well, if Uncle Sam had something better for me to do, I am sure he would tell me. In honor of that, I am currently reading Atonement, by Ian McEwan. Very juicy, and must be read before viewing the movie. I saw the movie first, and by the way the book is going, the film is doing it some good justice. Take my advice on this kids....

So, I am looking up news on the internet, reading about Jamie Lynn having her rug rat, how gas stations are starting to deny credit cards, and more bullshit going on in the Middle East.


I am sick and tired up to my ears of religious chain mails, political emails telling me Barack Obama is the Antichrist, don't vote Democrat because they are going to kill the economy, there is a new scam where people are getting robbed from the backseat of their car or in the bathroom, or notices that if I do not forward this letter in the next 5 minutes to at least 10 people I don't believe in God and my sister's friends cousins doberman will get crabs.


Usually I can detect the BS emails that I know will be trash file fodder, but sometimes, you get me with one so ridiculous I throw my hands up in the air and say that I am just going to give up. Some times, and yes, I am not lying and 100% serious, I almost come close to deleting some of my contacts just because I do not want your retarded forwards. I have a feeling that people are so freaking scared for no reason, they will obey the internet email protocol of retarded email chains just to make me lose my hair.

This is what I think:

1)Barack Obama is NOT the Antichrist. If you want to believe that, go on ahead, that is totally your right and you have every right to think what you will. Stop sending me the email. It's annoying, radically immature, illogical, and so far out there, I have no words to compare.

2)Electing a Democratic congress is not going to be the end of the world. Stop sending me statistics that they are going to kill the American economy. I got news for you. The economy is already shot. If it gets worse, I know my hard earned dollars went to McCain's dictatorship fund. I swear if that jackoff gets elected I will reenlist in the Army just to get sent overseas so I can end the fucking war myself. Then they'll send me to Korea so I can put and end to all their bullshit.

3)I believe in God and Jesus Christ. I will give you no more info than that. Don't push religion on me, and don't you dare push politics either. I have a mind of my own, and I would like to keep it that way.

4) Muslims are good people. If you truly believe that Muslims are bad, I would like you to know that you are a narrow minded asshole. Yes, there are bad ones out there too. Like the ones that like to blow people and themselves up, beat women, rape children, and pillage neighborhoods. BUT WAIT! There's more! Did you know that Christians and Jews and Atheists do that too! And let's not forget that there are some priests out there that drool over little boys! And white trash that beat their wives! And there was David Koresh! and that Jessops freak! And Timothy McVey! And the Unabomber! And the Hale Bopp guy! and the Columbine kids! And the dude from Virginia Tech! They must have all been Muslims too! I really wish people would look into what the religion of Islam is all about. It actually isn't half bad. It is similar to Judaism in some ways, and low and behold, they revere Jesus Christ great man, and that 4 out of the 5 main Prophets in the Quran are actually Judeao-Christian! Look it up Einstein.

5) I really don't care about inspirational emails, overcoming adversity, the kid that changed his mind about killing himself, the retarded kid that made a whole town smile, the buying a random person a gallon of milk because God told them to, the

Think for yourselves! Do you really think that every email you have come your way is legit? Have you ever heard of If you get something that seems like it may be false, or even if you want the notion verified, I highly recommend you check it out before you believe what you read. My cynical nature has blessed me to go ahead and think for myself and not believe it because someone said that someone that they don't even know says its true.

STOP BEING GULLIBLE AND DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! The time you could have spent educating yourself on something by looking it up on Wikipedia or Snopes, or whatever news/info source, could save you the embarrassment of looking like an idiot, (at least to me) and maybe letting you think twice about the info you are backing up by forwarding it to the masses.

Ok, so now you have read my opinion. If you so chose to end our relationship now because of my opinion, so long. If you cannot be my friend because I have my own opinion, and not yours, I am sorry for your loss. I will not be sorry for mine.

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