Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Almost Over!

Congrats to Barack Obama for finally ALMOST clinching the Democratic nod. I know this whole race for the nomination has annoyed both Democrats and Republicans alike, and now Americans can get down to business and figure out how to make a very important decision in November.

I, myself, have been an Obama backer since he announced his candidacy, and I haven't seen another candidate since that could sway me in their direction.

Although I have mad respect for Senator McCain in the aspect that he is a surviving P.O.W., and endured things no human being should ever go through, his politicking is a little too much of a Good Ole' Boys club for me. Anyone who lives in the southern US can understand this since it is a common injustice among Americans. (good example: Memphis, TN)

GO OBAMA!!!! My opinions on politics, and what I think will be coming to a blog near you....

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