Saturday, May 31, 2008

CALGON, take me away!

I am going to be out of California in a few weeks, and I am having short timers syndrome big time.

I am going to leave the details to the imagination, but I am going to tale a mental health vacation for a while. When I leave here, I am ceasing from travel nursing for a while.

I haven't been home for a while in pretty much 2 years, and the stress of the visits back while I was on assignment were killing me trying to let my friends and family play tug of war with who gets to spend tine with me. In other words, I am coming home also to please everyone, so they can all leave me alone about me leaving for so long.

Last time I checked, I was still an adult that could make decisions about where I would live and work. I don't know. Maybe I'm wrong? I already know I'm crazy, so we can leave that one out of the equation.

In a nutshell, I came to California for the wrong reason, and it has bit me in the ass ever since I got here. One way or another, it's been almost as if this place was telling me I didn't belong here and needed to be somewhere else.

I stayed out of desperation and needing a new assignment to go to. I was only going to stay here another 13 weeks after I was done with the flu clinic, then move along my way.

My luck has been shit. I can't find a position to go to, get a job after that pays decent, or go to a state that I already have a license for. SO, I am going to take a month off and reflect on the things I should be doing with my life.


K.M.L said...

I hope you get the break you need! :) Things will work out!

Steve said...

The time off could be wonderful for you. I hope it is. Enjoy it!

Swartzie said...

Thanks for the well wishes guys, it's much appreciated!