Thursday, March 6, 2008

sick, AGAIN! :(

I think I have what I got last year at this time. When I spill out all the diagnoses, you will know why I am not happy camper.

ear infection
sinus infection
body/head aches

I quit smoking so that this woulddn't happen!

Thank God this is my last night at work, and I can rest for a few days.

I really wish I was in Alaska right now with my friends and enjoying Iditarod festivities.


Prateek Pandya said...

the last line in this page is excellent.

Prateek Pandya said...

I went thru the posts. U invariably say that u have quit smoking, its strange that once quit u still remember that! seems that u regret quitting, is it? Its a good thing to quit smoking. Its good for you and for others as well.
Well, for njoying your time, there r several options available. Try to sit calm and search your inner self. Do some Yoga, will help u stay fit.
And I have a noble suggestion for your extra 5$ per day. Better start saving... save for a few months/yrs, then make a detailed visit to INDIA. Near the himalayas, njoy the feshness and sit at the banks of the River Ganga, feel the pleasure. have a great time. Learn some of the most deepest things in life, search for some meaning of your life. India can offer you an experience of a lifetime. from food to the philosphy of life, everything is unique in this country.
If you like, I can help you manage that.
Good Luck. Stay healthy, fit and full of life.

Steve said...

Hey, Sarah. I'm sorry to hear you're sick. Hope you're better soon.