Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm sick :(

I have been violently throwing up since this morning (mainly missing the toilet or waste can), fighting chills and hot flashes, and preventing myself from falling dead to the ground.

I truly hate being sick. Hopefully, someone can tell me where I can go for urgent care around here, or an ER that doesn't suck.

I sent an email to my CA friends that might know where one of those places is. I am kind of stuck here at work, by myself, and they can't get anyone here to the Blind Center to work for me since it's a holiday.

How sad is it that I am a military veteran, I am at work at a Veteran's Hospital, but I can't be treated here unless I was injured or went into cardiac arrest. I am not in the VA system for healthcare benefits, nor do I qualify.

A sad, sad, sad, sickly day for Sarah. I just hope I can safely either drive home or to an ER nearby.

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