Monday, December 10, 2007

Staying in California

I got hired to work in Blind Rehab for the 13 weeks following this week.

I am not exactly sure I will like the job, but it keeps me from driving to a new city, I get to stay and explore more things and places, and I won't lose any money because I am starting my new assignment right away.

A few cons:
-I won't be home for Xmas (this is hurting my family more than me)
-I have to get all my stuff together and move to an apartment (but a pro to that is that I actually will GET a real apartment)
-This area is ridiculously expensive
-I have to put Chloe in the car AGAIN to move to the new apartment (for anyone who has travelled via automobile with felines, you know this is no treat)
-I have to buy cooking equipment, ie: pots and pans and spatulas and dinnerware and silverware
-I have to buy linens for my bed

Oh well, I can manage I think.

Some of the pros:
-I will be working some nights, holidays, and weekends, so I will be getting more money and probably better paychecks
-After the new year I will be able t5o work 12 hour shifts, so that means more time off
-my family will have a better place to visit me when they come in March

That's just a few things I could think of at the moment.

I am still a little sad that AZ didn't work out. I really like the desert, and would have had fun visiting more of my friends in the area. Maybe next time.

For now, I just happy to be blessed with a job, and able to stay where I am at.

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