Sunday, November 25, 2007

Case 192: The Mysterious Appearence of the Black Eye

I woke up on Thursday, Thanksgiving, and I got ready as usual. As I was getting ready to apply my mascara, I noticed some leftover eyeliner from the day before... But wait! I didn't wear eyeliner on Wednesday! What the---???

Anyhow, I tried to clean it off, no dice.Then I really got close and looked at it, and I'll be---A black eye! On my left-inner-upper eyelid. Huh?

Anyways, on top of all that, I have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER how it got there!. NO, I did not have any altercations with anyone, I did not punch myself in the face, nor did I trip, fall, or bump my face into anything. Again I ask, What the----???

So, as evidence, I will provide a photo with the evidence. Please help me solve this case!

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