Sunday, November 25, 2007

My New Family Member

I was feeling bummed on a Saturday night (last night) and I went for a drive around tow to see what's what. I was actually on the hunt to get my hair trimmed, but everywhere was closed by 7PM.

I found myself in a PetSmart. I got some therapy just by looking at all the fish. I had posted a while ago that I was missing my cool Beta that I had in Alaska.

So I looked around at their merch, and I cam across a pretty cool one that seemed to be looking at me, as if asking me to take him home.

I did just that. His name is Karl, and he is a beautiful red and blue fishy. I am getting enjoyment out of him just by sitting here, typing, and watching him swim around in his bowl. Time shall tell if he can live up to Bodie's wonderfulness. I will update later, as I still haven't had him for even 24 hours yet.

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