Saturday, November 24, 2007

what I realized this week

*my Mom got discharged from the hospital status post single vessel bypass
*I found out who a few of my true friends are
*I realized I don't belong here, and I definitely came here for the wrong reason
*tv is more important to some people than a crying friend over the phone
*I have been here for 5 weeks, and finally this morning someone knocked on my door for the first time. It was only the cleaning lady.
*if you wanna get your hair cut, you should show up to Supercuts before they close at 6 on the weekend.
*Live Journal sux
*I am late for work the day after I am off for the holiday
*people here in this area are shady, and the nice ones are all horny weirdos
*I hate this hotel purely for the Showtime 2 alone.
*I have never been more nerve wracked in my life since I still don't have a new assignment to go to.
*I have come to grips with the fact that I truly hate the Christmas season.
*free therapy lives in PetSmart

I was scared this week that I could potentially lose my mom. And that has been the most singlehandedly scariest thing in my life. I would rather be home, but of course, I don't think I would be happier there. I ran out of my meds, and I still can't get any more right now. I have to wait until Monday to try to get a hold of my MD, in hopes that my scripts can be refilled. Having severe depression and ADD is no laughing matter.

more to come, this is all for now

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