Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Mrs. Mraz? (I love run on sentences)

Ok so most of my friends know how much I love Jason Mraz, his music, personality, sense of humor, and that weird trend of skinny men I find myself attracted to. Lord knows I got my Mom hooked on him, and she would love to have him as a son in law.

I have a link to his blog from mine. He is such a creative and beautiful writer. His contributions to MySpace and Blogger have a always made me smile in awe at how much of a sexy brain this man has. Creativity and intelligence are definitely a turn on.

One day, oh yes, one day, I will meet him and get that crazy fan pic next to him and have that as a profile pic for life....

Well, today I was a little bored, waiting for this guy to paint my Dad's house, and consequently stuck in my sister's room feeling almost as if I was 12 years old again and grounded. "Can I come out now?"

SO, I peered onto Mr. Mraz's blogger page, and I note that there are no comments for his recent entry! After taking note of such tragic happenings, especially after trying to leave comments on his blog on MySpace, which are always followed by countless gay proposals from men and women, "I love you, Jason" comments, and other statements that lack relevancy. Well, giving him a kudos and a pat on the back are more than likely going to be looked over since those comments get spliced in a bin of 1,000's. So amen for Blogger, and Jason's account there where most people still haven't caught on.

I left a decently sized comment, hopefully he will actually read it and wonder, "who is Swartzie"? Oh well. I was thinking I was the first to enter a comment, but by the time mine got published, I was number 3 on the list. I just hope one day if he gets bored he will read this and know how big of a fan I am and how much his existence and music have put such joy and happiness in my life. Not to mention the endless hours I have listened on the plane and in my car with my iPod trying to kill time and achieve some sort of travelling peace.

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