Monday, October 8, 2007

Seafood Snob

Ok, so I called it a few months ago. I just couldn't find myself enjoying seafood at Red Lobster or somewhere similar, ie: Long John's or Captain D's after living in Nome for a year and having access to the freshest of king crab, halibut, and wild salmon; direct from the Bering Sea.

I went to Red Lobster today and think I will never EVER go there again. It was terrible. I had stuffed flounder that was too wet, lobster bisque I thought would chip my filling in my back molars, and a retarded waiter in his 40's named Chris who managed to make all of us frown.

I had delectable sushi at Drunken Fish on Saturday, and I am salivating now just thinking about it. How can raw food turn out better than cooked? WTF?

So I am comfortable in saying that 3 hours status post a terrible lunch with friends at Red Lobster, a few frequent trips to the lavatory and a tardy appearance at my insurance agent's office directly followed by another trip to the crapper, that I will no longer be going there.

Yes, I am a seafood snob. And I plan to stay that way. Sushi only for me, unless I am going to a high-end, non-chain seafood restaurant. Thank God I will be on the west coast where fresh seafood is available and will actually be edible. No more of this second rate crap. Amen to a new life in Cali! Farmer's Markets, Thrift Stores, parks, and yes, ACCEPTABLE seafood!


Marzsaetel said...

I know what you mean. I can't stand Red Lobster any more either!
The thought just makes me sick.
OH, Drunken Fish...I should have went there when I was in STL last...sniff...hell, I'll get over it. I spied a sushi place here in Anchorage the other day. Gonna have to talk some friends into going. If it's good, I'll take you there when you come for a visit!

Swartzie said...

I am too excited to be on the west coast where sushi is so popular anf fresh!!! YAY!!

Dave said...

someone I trust (an above average "foodie," and below the radar snob) told me that Monster Sushi at San Antonio and California kicks ass...

Also...Cooks Seafood up in Menlo Park is supposed to be really on El Camino, just past the twin safeways (the olde fashioned and its new prefab heir next to it)

oh yeah, check out for some cool MV/PA/Menlo stuff...just keep in mind there is a lot of too cool for school attitude on there!