Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Home again, Home again. Jigetty jig.

Well, I have made it back to Memphis and I am ready for bed. My new cell phone is charging up after a 2 hour convo with Jamie sucking up all my battery life. I still love him all the same. And to all his friends who were picking on him this evening in regards to him being gay, well, lemme just say, I know for a fact he's not...

I have a crap load of clothes to sort through, a lot of cleaning, and still have yet to set up the litter box for Chloe so she doesn't pee on anything still left on the floor. Not even 5 minutes into the car ride on the way down here from STL, she pisses all over the stereo felt in the back window. I cleaned it as best as I could. Let's hope for the best that my car doesn't smell of stale cat urine in the morning when I have to take it to Valvoline to get my oil and transmission fluid changed... My car is in need of some severe detailing, but finances don't allow for such things to squeeze into my budget at the moment. Let's hope tire rotation is included as a free bonus tomorrow.

I am still wanting to upload pics from my trip home to St. Louis. I saw one of my best friends get married, had a "blind date" with someone I have known for years, got stood up by a friend with a sick girlfriend, wasn't able to see everyone, wasn't able to spend enough time with family, and definitely didn't get enough rest or sleep.

I got pulled over Friday night coming home from Andre's on Telegraph. I was shit-faced drunk and the cop knew it. By some grace of God, and the luckiest moment of my life, the guy let me go, and I am now completely grateful for the release and not going to jail. I know how lucky I was. And as Holly said, I should have played the lotto on Friday.....I know now I am NEVER going to drive EVER AGAIN under the influence. My close call came, and I am lucky enough to walk away. I know DWI/DUI's are very expensive, and shit for your insurance. I don't need that. Especially since I am driving to California on Friday...This whole thing scared the shit out of me.

Well, I guess I better get cracking at some domesticated house work and packing before I hit the sack. That way I will wake up knowing I have one less thing to do. (or more time to do the rest) I guess I can upload pics as I clean this cesspool of a room....

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