Sunday, August 5, 2007

Going to Seattle

I got hired for a 13 week assignment to the VA Hospital in Seattle. I am excited I have a job lined up after I leave here in Nome. I am just not excited about the 4 day trip to get there.
I will be able to hang out with my friend Andrea.
My mom's friend Nancy lives there, so I am sure I will connect with her at some point.
Hopefully there will be some good concerts to go to while I am there.
Maybe I'll even find a nice looking male companion to hang out with ;)
I am thinking I won't be frequenting the bars often, since I am going to be working 8 hour night shifts. Hopefully I can find fun things to do in my spare time. I will probably find my way to the coffe shops and sit and read and drink fancy overpriced tea whileI am just happy knowing I will be able to drive wherever I want to go and not have to ask someone to borrow thier car for once.

Right now I am not feeling all too well, as I am nauseous and wanting sleep as I have never wanted sleep like this before.
I am dying to get home and crawl in the covers and drift off to sleepy land.

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