Saturday, August 11, 2007


I, Sarah Swartz, being of sound mind and body, after 24 hours of review, do solemnly profess that I am completely disappointed in the human race. With the exception of Janice J., who has become an angel to me for good reason, I have to say that everyone, whether they have tried or not, has managed to piss me off.

Here are a few vague reasons as to why the above statement has become verified.

1)no, I am not happy to work extra
2)I am not happy I saw that picture
3)I am not rested second to people calling my house at all hours
4)just because I said it a certain way does not mean I meant it, I am one hell of an actress
5)again, I am not happy about the picture, I felt like someone punched me in the stomach
6)YOU, in said picture, make me disappointed in MYSELF for even getting upset, and one day, in my overly confident and non-shy self, will find the courage to tell you how I feel about a certain situation
7)Elizabeth Ann Church-you are an evil, heathen, fascist, conniving, ruthless, jealous, ugly-on-the-inside, vindictive, bitch, CUNT (I rarely use such a word, but in this case, it is verified) If you died today, I would smile, and go about my business. I might even have a beer to celebrate.( I wouldn't have thought about her, but JR mentioned her yesterday, and I felt the need to publicly announce how evil she is)
8)nothing to do with humans, I am upset I opened the windows without screens yesterday, for now there is a surplus of buzzing horseflies in my apartment
9)I am not feeling sorry for you because you are a poor planner and have a feeling that you have the right above me to have things go your way


Ok, I feel much better. I have finished my beer, 6 horseflies dead and counting, and I am going to have one final smoke and I am off to bed.

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