Wednesday, August 22, 2007

still in Nome, still no job

I still don't have a job yet to go to, but I think I am interviewing tomorrow for a hospital in Johnson City, Tennessee. It's a med/surg/GI floor, which is pretty much what I am best at.I still love cardiac/telemetry, and can't wait to get an assignment where I can use/brush up my skills in that area.
Seattle fell through. They decided to be shady and hire another nurse that could start sooner than me. Thing is, the nurse manager hasn't even contacted me regarding this! My recruiter called to inform me of the situation, and apparently, this hasn't ever happened before! Even though the lady said I was hired on the phone! I even called back about 5 days later to confirm the agreement, and ask for a few days off.
Oh well, welcome to my life.Hopefully I can start talking about my plans for my next assignment.
Wish me luck everyone!


K.M. Laughlin said...

Hey sarah! I hope things turn out okay.... :)

Sarah said...

Thanks Kasey :)