Thursday, August 2, 2007


I have the greatest friends in the world. Here in Nome, home in St. Louis, and at my other home in Memphis. I should be high-falluting around town here without a care.
So why should I give a hoot about trying to reconnect an stay friends with a wayward one that cut me off and lost contact with for a month? This has happened, and I am thrilled we are talking again. But I am still kind of hurt about the situation that preceded the event of lost contact.
I am happy to be coming home soon, seeing my friends and family that I love and miss. MY cats! I miss my cats!
Too many thought going through my head. I still don't know where my next assignment will be. I have licenses in Alaska, Missouri, and one in Tennessee that grants me to work in about 20 more states. So my options are out there.
We shall see.

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