Friday, June 15, 2007

What I Want In A Man

(started on 6-15-07, have no idea when I will finally post this)

Well, my friend Jeanne told me to do this.
She said, write down all the qualities you want, and a husband will come to you.
Well, I have an idea, and I have a picture in my head, and I feel like I should be seeing/meeting with him in the next few months.

So, here it is, in no particular order:

1)sense of humor
2)my Dad likes him
3)makes my friends jealous that I found him
4)ravishingly good looking
5)takes care of himself
7)likes to cook
8)likes the outdoors
9)likes to cuddle
10)good in bed (a must)
11)has a good job
12)is educated (or vocationally trsined)
13)wants children someday
14)is good with kids
15)likes camping/float trips
16)would be willing to relocate residence for me if need be
17)is good with my family and friends
18)doesn't cheat/has never cheated
19)likes to travel
20)likes animals
21)Christian, or at least believes in a higher being
22)drinks, but not an alcoholic
23)likes football, sporting events (prefferably NOT a NASCAR fan)
24)NOT Italian or Mexican
25)not hairy
26)not bald (on top)
27)isn't named Nick
28)isn't a cop
29)doesn't refer to women as bitches or chickenheads
30)likes movies and music
31)can laugh at my snort and tell me it's cute
32)thinks I am beautiful no matter what

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