Saturday, June 16, 2007

letting go...

Wow! I have been a busy girl today! I have emptied out my closet and filled up 5 large trash bags full of clothes to donate to AMVETS.

I never thought I would feel so good. Some were worn to no end, some not worn but once, and some I kept around hoping that ONE day I would be able to fit back into them. (it was hard, but I had to let them go) Hopefully, I will be at a goal weight and be able to buy all new stuff!

As much as I HATE cleaning, I hate even more a messy room :P

But isn't is amazing how a tshirt can remind you of someone? I can't even imagine to count how many things I put in those bags that had some sort of memory linked to an ex, a shitty ex female friend I borrowed that shirt from, or something I wore out that one night that something bad happened or didn't go my way.

I am so relieved now that I can look into my closet and drawers and NOT find those things. Let alone find things I know I can't fit into anymore. (like the size 7 pair of junior size jeans I have been holding on to since I was 19)

I have been in Nome, Alaska (labeled to be located 'in the bush') for the last 7 months now. I have been stuck with the same clothes for that time too, since I can't just go back to my house and change out what I have. I realized that one doesn't need 100 t shirts, 20 pair of jeans (which I stopped counting at 20), and bajillions of socks and underwear and shoes. Things go out of style, not to say I am one to follow fashion, for which I could care less. Sometimes letting go can actually help you get a better grip on more important things. That tank top can't pay my bills, and that pair of heels defiantly doesn't help with the dishes.

Material things are just that. Material. Experiences, people, and memories are what need to linger. Not old clothes that take up space.

I have to admit, I finally let go of a few ex boyfriends today :)

But all in all I am pretty happy. For today I lost 40 pounds!

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