Monday, April 16, 2007

waiting for the plane.........

Hey there! It ha been a while since I have posted something worth being a little cheery! I got into a little depressive slump for seasonal reasons I am sure, but all is well now :)

I am trying to get used to all this sunlight! There is still a little twilight in the sky at midnight now! Crazy!

I am leaving for a few days next weel to go to Fairbanks to visit my friend Mary Beth. Can't wait to get out and have a little break! I will get to see trees! And stoplights! And a Wal-Mart! Just a few things that we don't have here in Nome.

Oh yeah! And I'm gonna eat some Wendy's! Hell yeah! And we're gonna go bowling! Ok, I sound like a retard, but these are things I haven't done in 5 months since I have been here!

I accepted an extension here in Nome, and I think I will be here until part of September. I am still on hold about knowing whether or not I will be able to come to the lower 48 for my 10 year reunion. (blog coming soon about my anticipation for that) I will keep you all posted on that I am sure. So for now, cross your fingers, pray, perform voodoo, whatever! I just wanna get back to Missouri for that.

I rest assured, I will leave Nome for good in September, and will head off to greener, and warmer pastures. There are so many other places I want to go for different reasons. This is such an awesome piece of land we have, the US. It's time I try my best to see what I can and enjoy it!

I hope to blog more often and post pictures too. I just figured out how to do it, so I will probaly back track a little so I can comment on some of the things I have done so far! Love y'all, miss y'all, can't wait to see you when I get out of the tundra!

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Rummels in York said...

Still some sunlight at midnight? The days must be so long! We're not quite as far north, but the sunset is getting pretty late. It will be at around 11pm or so in July. Eric and I are already confused about meal times. It used to get dark a couple of hours before we ate dinner, now we're eating later and later because it feels so early.

I'm so jealous of you living in Alaska! That is one place that I will definitely visit first when Eric graduates. You'll have to help me plan our trip!

I know that there's not much in Nome, but it must be worse than I thought if you're excited about Wal-Mart. They actually own a chain here called Asda, and we boycott that, too!

This is turning out to be a pretty long comment. I can't wait to hear more about your travels.