Monday, April 16, 2007

Day trip to Ft. Davis and the mountains :)

A few weeks ago, my friend Ray borrowed his cousin's truck to help me and my friend Sandi run some errands. We finished within an hour or so, so we took a little road trip away from town to Fort Davis, one of the fishing camps around here.

Alot of the fishing shacks at camp look like this one. Since I will be here during the summer time, I plan on spending a little time fishing!

Here's me next to one of the Iditarod trail markers with my friend Daisy. 50 plus atheletes passed this marker o finish over 1,100 miles of dog sledding to finish the oldest and most prestigeous dog sled race in the world!

Me and Daisy, having fun playing in the snow!

So, I really don't have much more commentary, but I will post some really great pics I took that day of the mountains, fish camps, and a few of some houses. One in particular was Wyatt Earp's house when he lived here during the gold rush. (at the top)

But, please do note the 2 abandoned cars and snowmobile handles poking out of the snow!

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