Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I think I might be crazy.....

Ok, so my previous blog had me stating how dreadful things are and what not, but I am out of my little depressive slump.

It's amazing how wonderful friends are.

I have been quite pissed off at my nursing recruiter. She sent my file/paperwork out to a few places without my permission, and I had a failed pseudo-interview on Friday to a hospital I had no interest in going to.

I told her yesterday that I had no intention of working anywhere my license won't be able to take me. Since my current permanent address is in Tennessee, there is a multi-state license agreement that lets me work in about 20 states. I really don't have any interest in working anywhere but those states and of course Alaska since I already have the paper that says I can work here.

SO, back to friends. My friend Bridgett has been a good source of support for me lately. I dumped all my woes on her the other day and since we had a good talk, I have thought some things over.

I am no longer sick of Nome. Well, not completely. There are things about this place I can do without, but I think that goes for anyone anywhere in any situation.

My recruiter has been unsuccessful lately in finding interesting places I am interesting into going to work. Financially I am doing well, but of course could do better. I got kind of worried about not having a job after my assignment is up at the end of May. I actually think I could re-up for another 13 weeks here. Lately the weeks have just been flying by, and my assignment is over in 9 weeks. I think I can handle it. A little vacation here and there should be a helper for my sanity. I am going to Fairbanks in 3 weeks to visit my friend Mary-Beth, and I think that will help me out.

So, if I end up staying here for an additional 13 weeks after this assignment is over, again I will get about 2 weeks off in between, and finally finish off my time here.

I have a good chunk of change saved up in 2 separate savings accounts, I have been paying my parents back diligently, and I am starting to pay off my *gasp* student loans! I think another 3 months here couldn't hurt my debt situation.

I shouldn't just jump at the first job that comes my way. I want to be happy where this job can take me. I really either want to be somewhere really close to home or far enough away that I'll need to buy a plane ticket to get home. I know, no rationale for that, but that's how it's gotta be.

For a while now, I have been dreaming about getting back to the southwestern region of the states: maybe New Mexico or Texas. 2 places I love and have been to quite a few times. No sense in not trying to go to a place you really love. If the opportunity comes to even go back to Missouri, I'll take it in a heartbeat and go immediately to get the license. I think I might go ahead and do that anyway. Ok, enough with the sporadic thoughts.

So, again, I am considering signing another contract to this place, and like I said, I am not really a traveller if I stay in the same place....But for now, I really need to money to get me along, and the job here is so ridiculously easy, I really shouldn't pass it up to stay another 3 months.

Well, just another late night rant because I can't go to sleep since my body is on night-shift-mode. Time to get a little shut-eye before I start my day today.


Jenny said...

Hey, so Indiana is probably going to pass the the Interstate Nurse Compact this year. But it won't go into effect into July 2008. Then you can come here :)

swartzie said...

Well, maybe then I can go! I would love to go anywhere my friends are!