Friday, January 22, 2010

So far, a year of firsts.....

To start things off, at midnight, on December 31st of 2009, I got my first New Years kiss from a very special man. We are still dating, and it's going pretty good. He is a pretty private person, so I won't disclose too many details... Except he is absolutely wonderful to me, and I have a hard time trying to not ask "what did I do to deserve this guy?". The reason is this: I DO deserve this guy! I have spent a lifetime doing things for others without ever asking anything in return, and unfortunately became a doormat for being walked over and taken advantage of... And I am finally being repaid with the care and affection of someone who almost seems to be a dream.

Enough gushy stuff.... I am now part of a hospital committee that is in charge of what goes into our intranet system for patient education. It's a nice sense of empowerment to know I am in charge of something important, since I am lower ranking on the totem pole since I am an LPN....

There has been plenty of drama too, but right now, some of it is so private, I was instructed to tell no one, and as part of my New Year's resolution, if someone asks not to say it, I will follow through and keep my lips zipped.

I have decided to begin my prerequisites for the nursing program up here that starts next year. As of now, I think I have 12 credits to obtain before then, and I think I can do it. They are only accepting 4 nursing students, and I have a leg up since I am already an LPN who has 10 years of nursing under my belt. Plus, I work for the only hospital in the region, PLUS I have great letters of recommendation! I am pretty excited about this and I hope with patience and prayer and support I can accomplish something I have been dreaming about for nearly a decade.

More to come, but that was my quick brief on catching you guys up! Hopefully I will be better at making more frequent posts! God Bless!!

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