Friday, June 5, 2009

the weather report

Well, Nome finally had it's official first nice day yesterday. It got up to 60 degrees, and the sun was out in full motion. Unfortunately, it was very windy, and I had errands to run. Whilst in the midst of my errands, I collected quite a bit of dust and dirt in my mouth in the process. Not fun.

So I also picked up 2 boxes at the post office from my mother. I had a ball of a time taking it all out and trying to stuff it in my bookbag. Of course it all did not fit, so I had to walk down Front Street with one of those white carry boxes from the post office.

So the day was so nice all the drunks were out, and this of course is a true testament that summer is commencing. Yay, oh joy.

But of course, the day became a little gray, and it started to rain around 9:30 last night. And it's wet today, and it's supposed to be rainy all week. Booooo. I just hope this means a great yield for berries and fireweed this summer.

More to come, but today is my day off, and I have plenty of housework to do.

Until then......

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Teena said...

Hello Sarah. I enjoy your blog. My husband, Jim, and I live on the Arctic Coast of Alaska at the face of the Colville River Delta. I have never gotten my blog started here, but Jim has one you might enjoy at

Summer is here, but we still have a small amount of snow to melt that came from large drifts around our buildings. If you're interested in more about my family, I have a website at:

Talk to you later. Bye