Thursday, March 26, 2009


So, first person to call me back, and first apartment I was shown, I fell in love!
I will be moving into a spacious one bedroom with a huge kitchen kind of away from town-ish, but not to far from anything.

The layout is super cute, my landlords are super laid back and cool, and I will move in about 2.5 weeks after I return back to Nome. It's a true relief to know I will have a place to hang my hat when I get back.

I have decoration ideas in my head already and I am plotting out furniture arrangements, and what I will do with all the storage space I will have. Did I mention I have a HUGE closet???? What more can a girl ask for? Pics will come up soon I hope, as I work with the guy who will be moving out of the unit I will be moving into.

Life is great!

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