Saturday, January 3, 2009

back in the saddle

Well, I am working my first shift back at Norton Sound, and we are SWINGING! One patient went home and we are now filling up room with newborns and their moms.

It's an odd position to be in, since I am not an OB nurse. I am certified in neonatal resuscitation, but God willing, I will never have to use those skills. Also, we are used to having other patients for medical or cardiac reasons, but now, like I said, we are the maternity ward. This does not hurt my feelings at all since I love love love love love new babies!

I have no training on how to take care of a post-partum mothers, which I need to learn a little bit more. I have been in the delivery room more times than I can count, and seen many babies be born. But for the most part, I am usually assigned to help with baby care, which I would rather do anyways. Massaging funduses just isn't my bag.

I haven't even been back 24 hours, and I am happy to feel like I never missed a step. I am glad to be here, finally doing something productive, instead of sitting at home with my finger up my nose...

Hope everyone had a great New Year, and you are all fully recovered. More new from the blogosphere as it comes. I hope to be able to make more posts this time around here in Nome since I only did around 5 times in 8 weeks. I am sorry for that folks, that is unacceptable!

Anyways, I have charts to put together for I think we are going to be joined by a new person very soon....

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Marzsaetel said...

What is the true plural of fundus? Funduses...Fundi? :)