Friday, December 19, 2008

I expect nothing less than getting my a*s kissed...

So, today, I had to call to complain that I hadn't received my reimbursement from the return of an order that never found its way to my hands. First, I tracked the order all the way to Anchorage, where it was deemed 'undeliverable'. This was the first in many things that did not make me happy.

I then tracked it via USPS, where it stated it was returned. This was the second thing that set me off. The third was an email stating that 20 bucks of my refund was going towards a non-restocking fee, since one of the items in my order was damaged somehow in the return process.

I called them to complain since they were not giving me full refund on a damaged item I never even received. The customer service agent I talked to was very rude to me and agreed to refund the full amount to his chagrin. As of this morning, I still did not see said refund in my bank account. So I had to call again.

This time I got a different guy, I complained to him about the last guy I talked to, and the new guy did everything he could to make me happy.

All you have to do is make a threat to never shop somewhere again and boy, here come the freebies. Not only did I get my full reimbursement, but I also got my 'restocking' fee doubled back to me in addition to a $10 credit line.

Now, let me make this clear. I did in fact intend to not use Overstock in the future, as I was very upset that 2 items I wanted very badly never made their way to me. Luckily, I got a person on the other line today that persuaded me otherwise.

Now, to the second part of my woes. I went to the movies tonight to see Twilight with my step-dad. Th mean age of the audience was around 14-15, so the obvious maturity level was very low. A group of about 20 kids made so much racket and noise through the thing that I was about ready to get up and yell at them. They were rude, and still continued their banter after several people asked them to be quiet. I finally lost it and yelled SHUT UP as loud as I could. This was shortly followed by ushers coming in and asking them to cork it.

That worked for 20 minutes as they waited to test the nerves of everyone else and start up with the disruptions again. Ushers were distracting me, walking up and down the ailes. They looked at everyone to make sure none of us talked, yadda yadda. It did not make me feel any better.

It just pisses me off to no end that I paid money to see a movie, and these kids weren't even asked to leave, nor did anyone apologize to the people who were being respectfully quiet during the film.

So, I wrote a mature, yet nasty email to Malco Theatres in hopes that someone will finally rectify the situation.

Ok, I vented. Much better.

I am off now to pack to leave for St. Louis tomorrow, and to type a little more of my little novel. I am already at 60 pages and 25,000 words. I can't believe I started this little project just a week ago! I'll keep you all updated on my progress.

Take care and good evening to all.

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