Saturday, November 29, 2008

home again, for a while...

I made it back to Memphis, in one solid, smelly, grimy piece. In lieu of showering, which is what I wanted to do most, I immediately changed into pj's and brushed my teeth. Feeling much better now.

Gotta get up in the morning, color my hair, put it up in rollers, head to the store to buy the book I lost at the airport, and hit the road with Mom for Jason Mraz in Nashville. Can't wait. I know this is the 2nd concert I will go to of his in the same year, but you have to go to one to understand the magnitude of awesomeness that goes on. You really feel the love in the room, and it's the closest thing I will ever admit to being near a description of some form of tree-hugger.

Well, now it's off to bed, in a real bed, one that I like, and dreaming of waking up to a pain-free rear end which I managed to wipe out on in the ice in Nome yesterday morning at the airport. I thought the coast was clear, but much to my dismay, my major slippage was witnessed by many, and a cab driver had to help me get back up since my backpack had magnetized me to the ice.

Goodnight my friends, see you soon.

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